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 The Vega Whisperer


The Vega Whisperer...

Why the "Whisperer" you ask?

I have 100's of hours of time spent researching, planning, building, scratching my head, pleading and the most important, whispering nice words to these Vega Cards! Since they do not possess a microphone, or have any ears, it probably does not help. But, it makes me feel better since I spend so much time with them.

In seriousness, if you have spent any time at all trying to get these Vega 56, 64 or FE cards to mine your coin of choice, you already know what I mean. Follow my channel on YouTube  "North East Texas Technologies"  for tutorials, my personal journey with Vega Mining and turning a prefabricated shed into a mining farm.


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I am a pretty busy guy. But, Vega rig building, troubleshooting, Cleaning and re-applying  "Conductonaut"  liquid metal thermal compound to the processor / heat sink, and other small professional services related to computers and mining rigs are available on a limited basis. Drop me an email below.


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